Ubitap Components

Free shipping for all orders above RM200 throughout Malaysia - "Dari Perlis sampailah ke Sabah"

We sell quality electronic parts to DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts. All products are held in stock and ready for dispatch unless indicated otherwise.

Please take your time to browse our store and come back again from time to time as we always keep on expanding and adding new products.

"We strive to bring to you the best quality of electronic products backed by good service and local support."

Our focus is to bring to you Single Board Computers (SBC) like the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Odroid and microcontroller development board like Arduino as well as other components like sensors, motors, switches, relays and so on.

Most of our products are intended for people who are excited with the challenge of making things. Some items are straightforward to use, some can be a little tricky. Please read through all the instructions and user manuals. Pay extra attention to the connection pins, voltage and current requirement. Make an informed purchase based on what you see combined with your own experience levels.